South Wales Issues

I suppose one of my few claims to fame is that i actually played Rugby with Steve Sutton and Gerald Williams (both featured below) and I walked the beat with Steve.

South Wales - Rugby Squad

The Post Office made themselves available for the second set of 36 cards, which now featured postage stamps. Once again a display chart was provided. This set was the forerunner of a total of seven of the first thirteen produced nation-wide.

South Wales - Stamps

Set three featured 36 photographs of the inside and outside of various telephone kiosks plus one card list. An unusual subject for the cards, especially when you consider that they were intended for youngsters, but like the sponsorship provided by the P.O. it would be natural for the sponsors, British Telecom, to have some influence over the subject choice. Once again a display chart was provided upon production of a full set at any police station. This set may provide some future interest to the collectors of telephone cards, one never knows. The later Thames Valley set is a direct take of this set.

South Wales Payphones

The Castles and Historic places of Wales set of 1985 was sponsored by Hyper-Value stores and consisted of 35 interesting views from around Wales together with the now regular extra index card. The point of interest of this set was the introduction of a special named album together with display pages which could be obtained for 2.50 from the S.Wales police H.Q. (stocks long since exhausted). However, this initiative was not all that successful and hasn't been repeated since. I personally thought that it was an attractive addition and a good way to display these cards, but never mind.

South Wales - Castles

The Rhymney Valley set sponsored by the Rhymney Valley District Council was the first of such locally sponsored sets. This was a set of 36 cards (inc. index card) with a display chart.

South Wales - Rhymney Valley

Merthyr Tydfil was the second such set was again a set of 36 that included an index card.

South Wales - Merthyr Tydfil

The Rhondda Valley issue was made up of 15 scenes of the valley from yesteryear, 15 scenes from 1988, two index cards plus 8 larger cards lettered A through to H. It is these lettered cards which made up the Rhondda crest and are shown below.

South Wales - Rhondda Valley

The next set issued by the South Wales Police was sponsored by themselves and featured them in their various and many guises. A set of 20 that also included a display chart. Card no.17 had to be withdrawn from general issue after a short while as It featured the force crest and some persons were trying to pass it off as a police warrant card.

Now talking of claims to fame, recognize anyone here. This is me at the Official opening of the Princess of Wales Hospital at Bridgend in 1984.

Cardiff City featured on issue no.8, the sponsors being Cardiff City Council, Cardiff Bay Development Corporation, ASW Holdings and the St.Davids centre. Although there are 36 numbered cards including the index card, there is in fact a 37th. card. Card no.1 exists in two forms. The original no.1 titled "The City Hall" actually features the very attractive City Museum situated next door (yellow flowers in foreground). This error was not noticed until Officers started to give them out. It was hastily recalled and an extra correct card (red flowers in foreground) was produced but by this time quite a few of the wrong cards were in circulation. Something for the future possibly.

South Wales Cardiff

All of the sets so far issued are of a similar size and shape (approx. 60 x 105mm) being extra large in cartophilic terms. The last Cop-a-card set issued by the South Wales Constabulary was in 1991 and was in conjunction with the South Glamorgan Leisure centres who also were able to give these cards out. This time the 36 (including the index card) were like cigarette cards in shape and size. Also, a particularly colourful and attractive booklet was available from the start and as collectors filled a particular page they were able to take it to a S.Glamorgan leisure centre and obtain a discount towards an activity there. Good idea that.

South Wales - Sportacards

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