South Wales - The Ritchie issues

The last Official South Wales Police set of Cop Cards was issued in 1991 and featured “Sportacards” in conjunction with local Leisure centres. However, in 1992 the Rumney Police Division, together with a local firm of Chartered Accountants, RITCHIE from Butetown, Cardiff, went ahead with its own cards. Unlike previous issues, these cards were not given out individually to children, but were presented as complete framed prizes in a local schools crime prevention competition. The first such prizes when presented were featured in local media articles. However, it would appear that the use of the South Wales Police logo on these cards was never formally sanctioned and very few sets were ever actually presented as prizes, thus this series cannot really be called a true Cop Card.

However, these cards do exist with a Police reference and for that reason I list and detail them below.

One small point, all of these issues are available with alternative backs. They exist with the Police reverse but also exist with a Ritchie back, and both types have identical fronts.

Fairway Favourites 25 1992
Cricketers of the Middle 25 1992
Maulers 29 1993
Lewis & Bruno (Overprinted) 4 1993
Lewis & Bruno (No overprint) 4 1993
Welsh Wizards 25 1993
Golfers British Open Winners (Overprinted) 3 1993
Golfers British Open Winners (No Overprint) 3 1993
Golfer 1 1993
Cricketer Ian Botham (Overprinted) 1 1993
Cricketer Ian Botham (No overprint) 1 1993
County Cricket 20 1994
Deadly Duos 10 1994
Deadly Duos (pairs) 5 1994
American Indians 25 1995
Ryder Cup 1993 25 1995
Global Greats 25 1995
Sporting Records (Lara) 3 1995
Heroes of the Zulu Wars 25 1995
Arms Par Heroes 25 1995
Sporting Records (Stewart) 3 1995
American Military History 25 1995
Premier Cricketers 1 1995
Rorkes Drift VC winners 1 1995
Sir Evelyn Wood KCB 1 1995
Footballers (of the English Premiership) 20 1995
Village Cricket 12 1995
Golfing Majors 4 1995
Sporting Records (Cork) 3 1995
Global Greats 25 1995
Fabulous Four (boxers) 4 1996
Golfers 12 1996
Cricketers 10 1996
Historic Figures 10 1996
Zulu Wars 10 1996
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